Thursday, 21 January 2016


Waterproof gadgets are becoming a need for the modern outdoor parties. The portableBluetooth speakers, which were introduced in the market not more than ten years ago, now come as waterproof devices. Earlier when these speakers were invented, they were classified as waterproof and non-waterproof. However, nearly all the new models come as waterproof devices. Therefore, they are no longer classified as such.

How to evaluate the speakers:

There are certain parameters that have to be noted while reviewing for the best portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Some of the things that have to be kept in mind while looking for your speakers are listed below:

ü  Battery timing: The most important factor in view of most of the users is how long does the battery last. The battery timing of a good set of portable Bluetooth speakers should be at least between 15-20 hours. Some top quality speakers come with battery timing as long as 40 hours.

ü  Water-resistance: This is the basic requirement of outdoor parties. With the new models, you no longer have to worry about your speakers getting soaked in water.

ü  Sand resistance: This is why Bluetooth speakers are a perfect choice for your beach parties.
ü  Shock-resistance:  Bluetooth speakers have to be carried every now and then. A good set of speakers should have high shock resistance.

ü  Loudness expansion: This is something no one will compromise on. The sound quality of your speakers has to be top notch. We tested many speakers for sound quality and there are many high sound quality speakers available in the market in economical prices.

ü  Voice controls: This allows you to choose from different sound types so you can adjust them according to your requirement.

ü  Size and weight (portability): It is generally believed that bigger speakers have better sound quality. This, however, can affect the portability of the speakers. Best speakers come with best sound quality and appropriate weight and size.

ü  Bluetooth range: The wireless Bluetooth range of the speakers should vary from 15-20 feet. Anywhere below that has a weak range.

ü  Durability: The material used in making the body of speakers should look high quality and durable.

ü  Design: There are some speakers available that look insanely good in design. Thus now looking for an attractive and stylish design is also necessary. Stylish looking speakers can add to the ambience of your party.

ü  Value for money: The best part about portable Bluetooth speakers is that they are really economical. The price ranges from as low as $150 to $300. This provides use with high-quality speakers in low price with an additional advantage of portability.

What to avoid:
There are some fancy looking speakers available online that cost you as much as $500. These products
are highly overpriced. Make sure you never buy them as they are no better in quality than those lying in
$150-300 price range. The best-recommended products are UE Boom 2 which costs $200. If you are
willing to spend less, you can go for the $100 UE Roll.